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Organic, Cruelty Free, VEGAN & Laboratory Tested

Coco Roots Organic Hair Care Products & Beard Oil

Custom made hair care & Beard care
freshly formulated for you

Prepare to Handle Those Nourished Tresses! The key To Having Healthy Hair Is Right Here.

Coco Roots Organic has a variety of organic oils available. The oil is a natural extract derived from a plant source that is cultivated and harvested with care all over the world. Each oil is 100 percent natural and meets stringent purity and efficiency requirements. We're creating the foundation for individuals to enjoy amazing hair days on a daily basis.

Neem Wood Comb

Whether in the sun or on the couch, combing is key to maintaining happy, healthy hair.


I'm particular about which kind of hair products I use, but I love coco roots. They are easy on my hair and last longer than you'd expect!

Aysha Farheen ,
From kerala

I've tried lots of Hair products and what makes Coco Roots special for me is simple - it just works. You can't beat this hair oil.

Elle Spearman ,
From Norway

I work long days, part of it outside, so I need hair oil that will bear the elements but also stay within my budget. I'm so glad I found Coco Roots!

Gopika Ramesh ,
From kerala

Using the oil , brought my confidence back of having long hair , seriously I am in love with your Bringha black seed hair oil , my best order up to date. The highlight is it makes my hair soft

Anshkha ,
From Kashmir

I have tried so many beard oils , and nothing gave me proper results , coco roots beard oil filled my patches in just 1 month. Works well for styling my beard too.

Mohamed Zehran ,
From kerala

The comb works so well on my hair , it has reduced my hair breakage to a large extend, The comb and hair oil is my favourite combo.

Shaza Fathima ,
From Dubai

Neelmari hair oil is just pure magic, reduced my greys and made my hair so strong. Never changing to another oil again.

Sunny ,
From Mumbai

My whole family uses your hair oil , in love with all your products.

Sharannya Thawkar
From Gujarat


Questions and Answers

  • What distinguishes Coco Roots Organic from other hair care products on the market?

    All our items meet the highest quality standards. For all hair types, we provide wonderful hair care products. Hair fall control oils, hair growth oils, dandruff shampoos, beard growth oil, and wooden neem combs are our major emphasis. Our products include no parabens sulphates or formaldehyde, and we're happy to be created in God's Own Country using cruelty-free methods. The best part is that all of our hair care products are reasonably priced.

  • Are all of Coco Roots Organic's products natural?

    Natural and/or organic components are used in our goods. On our product page, as well as on the product labels and packaging, you'll find a list of ingredients.

  • Are Coco Roots Organic products suitable for children and babies?

    Our items are suitable for children.  Whatever style you want, Coco Root Organic has it covered.

  • How often should I apply?

    People with an oily scalp can oil their hair once or twice a week whereas for those with a dry scalp oiling has to be done thrice a week.

  • Is a Patch Test Required?

    If you have a history of allergic reactions, patch testing is required. It's to make sure you're not allergic to anything in the recipe. Wait 48 hours after applying a modest amount of hair oil to your skin. Visit a doctor if you see any indications of redness, itching, or swelling.

  • What is our Shipping Rates?

    Our shipping rates depend upon your Pincode. The standard delivery rate is Rs 70. It takes a minimum of 7-14 days to deliver the product after dispatch

  • Do you ship all over India?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. 

  • Is there any delivery charge?

    Normal delivery charges Rs70 (within India). Free delivery for orders above Rs 1200 (within India)

organic hair cleanser


The botanicals we use are either organic or harvested without chemical contamination from wild forests.

hair cleanser

Cruelty Free

The active botanical extracts that enrich our products are painstakingly made in-house in true Ayurvedic tradition. This means healthy products full of beneficial properties.

hair care tips

Laboratory Tested

We do not use petroleum-based products, SLS/SLES, silicones, parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanols or artificial fragrances and colours.